It's June!

It's June, it's June, it's June and it came too soon! *sings made up song*
I really cannot believe by the end of the month, HALF the year will have gone by already!

And with the coming of school, you could prolly expect less outfit posts now cause I'll only have Wednesday and the weekends to dress up. *insert sad face* But swear, I'll try my best to still blog a lot! I'm really thankful cause the past two posts I had received phenomenal response! Hello, THANK YOU guys for commenting!! I really like hearing what you think cause it helps me improve, so keep the comments coming! :)
Anyway, this is what I wore to a meeting we had for the show. It was extremely hot that day and I was feeling lazy to dress up so I wore this romper I have from SOUL. Instead of wearing it full with sleeves, I wore it as a tube dress and added the oversized cover-up for that whole breezy vibe.

Besides, June signals the rainy season and I know we hardly ever have flood here in Davao but it's prolly time to say goodbye to the flowy fabrics and the open-toed shoes..and hello to LAYERED DRESSING!! Woohoo. I really am more partial to colder weather just because I can dress in layers! :) *happy dance*

Anyway, how Cheyser-ish (or SOUL-ish) is this outfit?? When I saw the photos, it reminded me of one of Cheyser's past posts for SOUL. Funny enough, I saw Cheyser that same day in GMall--after about a year of not seeing each other! Hi Cheys :)

romper and cover-up: SOUL
sandals: Payless
photos: Pat

Hope you liked the outfit!

PS. Congratulations to me! With this outfit post, I am now officially rid of my backlogs. :) At least I have a clean slate before school starts!


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