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Hello again!

Three entries in two days? I'm on a blogging roll!! Hahaha. No, just really getting rid of the backlogs.
Anyway, this is what I wore on the last day of summer class (May 23). Since it's the last day, siyempre kailangan um-effort! Siyempre kailangan lumandi malandi (cause it's the last chance to see my your crush at school). Haha. Kidding. half kidding.

Anyway, yes. I wore this to the last day of summer class. I didn't really plan on wearing this but I woke up weirdly early that day so I had time to change outfits multiple times. And yes, part of me hoped I'd see my crushie but sadly, I didn't. I remember that Black Valentine's Day I had, I thought my outfit was pretty hot that day and my crush was actually my classmate that day but guess what? He was absent!! Wow. Just my luck! Haha

Outfit fail = when you dress up and your crush isn't around to appreciate it. Oh well, that is why women should (and I mean should) dress for themselves.

love the vintage feel of this photo
cardigan from Cheyser
top and skirt: Forever 21
bag: Ichigo
shoes: SM Parisian Solemate
photos: Lorraine

Anyway, hoped you liked the outfit!
I wore my leopard F21 skirt backwards again. Haha


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  1. Ang cute ng outfit mo! Gustong gusto ko kasi kikay tapos pink and turquoise ang combi ng colors.haha:)
    pero paano ka nakapasok na nakaskirt? ang galing! haha.. :))


    1. Thank you Frances! Summer class now so medyo loose ang guards! Tsaka umabot naman sa knees yung skirt. Haha. :)

  2. Loooove the top! <3

    1. Thanks woomza! I was supposed to wear this nung nagshoot tayo. Sayang partner sana sa aztec dress mo din. Haha!

  3. Very cute outfit and I agree you should always dress for yourself but of coarse it's always a plus when your crush see's you when your wearing a great outfit! :)


  4. love the whole outfit far! fab! :)

  5. great pink skirt!! :) it matches your hair & skin tone really well.

  6. Hello ate i know this is an old post lol pero ang cute ng outfit mo! But just a question how short ba ang allowed for skirts or dresses sa ADDU dresscode? :)

    1. Hi Kaye Cee! Not sure.. HAHA (pasaway student) check the handbook nalang. basta to be safe, knee length {or I do 1-2 inches above the knee tapos binababa ko lang :P} hihi summer class yan so medyo mabait sila HAHA



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