The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, or simply and widely known as Coachella happened around two weeks ago. However, that's not stopping me from posting my own festival-inspired look, what with music festivals happening here and there--Wanderland and Summer Solstice to name a few.

Last Thursday, my friends and I went to the beach. It was a random, spur-of-the-moment thing like we usually do. Call time was around 7am but I went to class first in the morning though, so Lea and I just followed at around 1pm. Funny enough, since it was a "non-peak" hour, we had to commission a boat and it was just the two of us on board!

an experience to remember

Although about a 10 minute boat ride away from the city (the kuya said 6 minutes but we timed it. It was 10 HAHA), the change in scenery felt really good. I felt like I was in a different place and I left all my worries behind. I should totally abuse the fact that I live 10 minutes away from the beach more. If I need to clear my head and go someplace faraway (but not totally faraway to be called rash), I now know where to go. There's nothing like breathing in the sea breeze and watching the waves crash upon the shore. Wow, thoughts of the beach are making me poetic.

So anyway, on to the outfit post. These were taken by my friend Julienne using Mithi's camera during the magical hour (some time between 4:30-5:00pm). I was inspired by Kryz Uy, thus the coy tucking-my-hair-behind-my-ear pose. Something new! Haha.

I wore this tunic I got from JS Department Store, which is short (or long, depends on how you see it) enough for the beach but definitely way too short for school to be worn as a dress. With the right accessories, voila! A beach outfit. When I brought out my accessories, my friends even commented that I was "prepared". Haha. Of course! I knew there'd be photo ops eh! Hahaha. #bloggermindset

A stolen shot by Julienne. I was saying "Tama na yan!" hahaha
Turned out great though, don't you think? I don't look stressed.

tunic: Suiteblanco
 hat: Parfois
flats, necklaces: Accessorize


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  1. love the look! and your hair! so lovely :D

  2. great outfit, such an adventure!! :D

  3. That stolen shot turned out really great! I love the dress! Pretty, Ate Farrah! :>

    1. Thanks Roch! Happy blogaversary the other day! :)

  4. Hi farrah! Just found your blog! :)) I like it!

    1. Thanks Karlalily! I'll follow your blog too :)

  5. Super cute outfit, would look great at a music festival and i love the Kryz Uy inspired pose! :) Looks like you had a great time with your friends!




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