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This is where it all started!

Before I reveal that BIG news I was promising to reveal a few posts back, I want to tell you how and when it started. It started when Ms. Jill Palarca messaged us in the Davao Fashion Bloggers page tho invite us to give a talk on fashion for the teens enrolled at the Spotlight Summer Workshop. So last April 15, we went to give the talk. My talk was about the different kinds of style personalities.
Kwesh gave a talk on wardrobe essentials, Pat gave a talk about the latest trends and Rien, being about their age, gave a talk about finding her own personal style. It was nice to note that the kids were really attentive, especially to Rien's talk. I think they were inspired that at a young age, she knows how to present herself already and she knows what she wants.

For our activity, we asked them beforehand to bring their favorite clothes. And before the talk, Ms Jill asked them to answer a quiz which would tell us more about their style personality. So, the activity was that they showed their clothes and we styled them according to their style personality. Here are some of my favorites:

First, Mico. He brought his red shirt, which looked plain only. But, with the addition of my blazer rolled up and clipped at the back to fit well, he looks like he's going to a concert or a party. Next is Princess. She brought a brown romper which is more on the boho side. But, with the help of Pat's cut-out top and Kweshie's shades, instaglam!

One of my favorite looks was of Patricia. She's one of the kids who is on her way to knowing her style. She brought her tulle dress and wore sneaker wedges. All we had to do was add a necklace and *poof* rock chic! Last is Krishna. She brought her cobalt blue peplum skirt. Paired with Pat's striped top and with her hair in a bun, she looks like she could be in a Forever 21 catalog, don't you think? :)

Here's Dawn, teaching Yana to pose. Hahaha

photos from Pat and Spotlight Summer Workshop page

So anyway, in exchange for the talk, Ms Jill offered us 8 segments for a fashion/lifestyle show Southspot would be producing, BUUUT a few days later, she messaged us that she wants to offer us

And we said yes! How could we not? It's every blogger's dream to have a photographer following them around (but in our case it would be both/either videographer and/or photographer)! It would be shown on Southspot (a local cable channel here in Davao) and of course, on our blogs. I think this will be the first kind of show here in the Philippines (or maybe even the world? free to dream haha) so I can't stress enough how HUGE it is that they're entrusting this baby to us--I mean, we're virtually unheard of! It will be kind of like a video diary and it will show us doing our thing, attending events and the like. And it will probably be shown in June or July.

It's funny cause for one, never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine getting into the media world, much more getting our own show! I can't help but think that you really are placed where you are supposed to be. I think back to when God pointed me to the direction of home, that He had this planned for me. Grabe lang! His plans really are the best! I can't help but remember what Cheyser told me when we were talking about her sudden rise to fame in blogging: good things come to those who wait. It really is true. Just continue doing what you love and don't expect anything because if you love what you're doing, the rewards will come.

BTW, when the show comes out, don't judge me okay. I will definitely be repeating clothes. HAHA. (Ito talaga ang pinroblema no? Not how I'll look on cam or what! Haha #bloggerproblems) I'll try to make tips about smart shopping though, cause I know like me, not everyone shops too often.

So there, that's my (our) big news. Hope you'll continue supporting not only this blog, but my fellow bloggers' blogs as well! And please help me pray for the best and the success of our show. :)

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  1. wow! that's good news! I just hope its televised in northern Mindanao too.

    1. Hi Em! I'll be posting links to online episodes here on my blog too :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS FARRAH! I'm so happy for you! :))) too bad I won't be around davao to watch your show. Even though, I'm a fan. Really. :)

    1. Aww thanks Karla :'> Your support means a lot! Sige lang, I'll be posting links to episodes here in my blog :)

  3. Just checked, our cable connection has Southspot. Yey! But, I won't be able to watch it for the most part 'cause I'll be in Manila. Pero still... AAAH!
    So happy for you, wooms! :D

    1. Thaaaanks woman! :) Watch on my blog! hahaha

  4. Congrats Farrah, that's so awesome, I look forward to you posting your episodes. :)


    1. Thank you Nina! Crossing my fingers they turn out great!



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