Remember how in my last post I said that I wanted to feature the special people in my life in outfit posts? Here's another one. This my friend Heidi from Infinite Playlist. She was my classmate 3 out of the 4 years in high school but we only became really close in college.
Yesterday, Heidi and I asked our friend Mithi to shoot us. It was supposed to be for individual outfit shots but since we're now rarely together, unlike in UP when we were dorm mates and even roommates, I didn't pass up the chance to shoot with Heidi. Plus, I'm always so alone and shy-looking in my blog. Here's my chance to ham it up. Another side of Farrah here we go! Haha

Here, Heidi and I are showcasing our different styles. Hers is kind of androgynous and she has a penchant for recreating clothes and DIY-ing so she's wearing DIY shorts (made from a pair of her dad's old pants).

As for me, you know I'm kind of the basics type of gal. I update my wardrobe through pops of color here and there. I love how my fuchsia blazer somehow clashes but compliments this purple jelly bag from Ichigo. I don't think I've ever posted anything purple on this blog and probably my only complaint would be I shouldn't have worn a white shirt with it. I'm thinking if I wore green, everything would pop! Haha. But oh well, I was running late that day so I went for the ultimate base, no-brainer outfit AGAIN. Haha

Anyway, have you noticed? Jelly bags are quite the rage again now. Probably because it's summer and they're perfect for the beach cause they don't get wet. I've spotted a few around the blogosphere especially. I love this one from Ichigo cause the color calls attention and it's dark so it's not too clear to see your valuables cause the downside of jelly bags are that it's a snatcher hazard. Haha. Ichigo has tons in different colors--yellow, pink, purple, blue. You guys should visit their store in GMall or their Facebook page to order online!

You really are your true self when you're with your friends! Haha.

Downside: I'm shy when they shoot me. It's weird logic considering they know me so well but y'know--friends and teasing (encouragement) haha

blazer: Gaisano Mall Dept Store
shirt: Human
bag: Ichigo
shoes: SM Parisian

By the way, tomorrow I'm giving away a pair of shoes from Ichigo on my blog!

You can start by
1) Liking their page on Facebook
2) Following them on both Instagram and Twitter

PS. Mithi, you're next!! :)


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  1. super cuuute :)

  2. It looks like you had a great time and your pictures look great too. I can tell your having a lot more fun in your pictures with your friend. BTW i love the pops of colors in your outfit! :)




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