Mother's Day


In this special edition blog post, I'm doing an outfit post featuring my mom! :)

I've always wanted to do an outfit post featuring me and the people I'm close to (or perhaps my fellow bloggers) and I'm glad that the first person to be featured in a pair post is my mom!
My mother's been a really HUGE influence in my life, style-wise especially (as if the matching outfits above weren't enough indication!) It's from her that I got my penchant for classic pieces and timeless cuts. I guess I went overboard on it though cause I don't dress as youthful as her. Sometimes, she's more daring than me (hello backless top from this post!)

Too bad my mom's not as pretty in the photo as she is live. But kinareer niya tong outfit post ha! When I told her that I wanna feature her in my blog, she was so game! Haha go mom! :)

Anyway, no special story behind the outfit. I just donned the ultimate base outfit: white shirt and jeans, and dressed them up with these new wedges I got from Ichigo. They're a shoe brand I used to patronize in Manila and now they've branched out to Davao (their first!). I love these polka dot wedges because they invoke that whole summer and 50's/Cher Lloyd vibe AND they call attention without trying too hard to call attention to themselves. They're such a statement piece! The best thing about them though is that they are lightweight and comfortable! :) I survived a whole day wearing them without my calves hurting, this coming from someone who admittedly doesn't wear heels! Drop by Ichigo at the 2nd floor of Gaisano Mall Davao.

(oh yeah! Please like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter and Instagram cause I'll be giving away something great SOON here on my blog!)

top: Uniqlo
bag: H&M
shoes: Ichigo
Anyway, sorry about the photos. My camera conked out on me at the last minute so I had my sister take cellphone photos instead. :(
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! :)

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  1. Very cute, my mom and I often match too. Sometimes when we come out of our rooms we realize were wearing similar pieces and colors that we match. But my mom is also more daring then me at times, but she pushes me at times to be more daring as well. :)


    1. I'd love to see your mom in an outfit shot too! :)



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