Thinking of Titles is the Hardest Part


This is such a weird feeling to have. I've been staring at the computer screen for a while now, pressed for time and I honestly am coming up with a big fat blank right now. Normally, I would have something prepared beforehand to write about but I figured y'alls could use a break from my more intense topics. I can get a little too passionate about what I talk about in posts, right? So serious. Hahaha. 

Anyway, this is what I wore to Tienda del Mercado last Saturday for LIEU's 2nd issue launching. Mah gurls (Davao Fashion Bloggers) and I were there to support Pat, Janvie and Aidx who styled for a fashion show.
There's a really funny story behind this (last minute again) outfit too!

I was actually with my family at SM Lanang and it was around 6pm. I told my parents that I'd have to head home to change for Tienda (cause I was in my lazy school outfit) then rush to MTS to meet Dawn and Kwesh. My mom suggested, "Why don't you buy an outfit here?" and so I did. Good thing I was browsing through Cotton On's racks earlier and found this skirt that fit! It was such a bargain so when my mom gave me the go signal, I went ahead and bought it!

Buuuut, the skirt did not go with my top so I told my mom that we should switch tops! Hahaha. In Cotton On's dressing room, we switched tops and I put the skirt on. I marched over to the counter and paid for it (while wearing it) and then I was ready to leave for Tienda. Ta-daaa! It's great to have a mom who dresses up young. Couldn't do anything about the shoes though, but I think it looks okay since my outfit's pretty dark and monochromatic.

Kung maka-backless, Camille Co lang ang peg!
top: Forever 21
skirt: Cotton On
shoes: SM Parisian
When I looked at the outfit after, I realized that it was kind of like Taylor Swift's last outfit at the "22" music video. All I needed were cat ears, I swear! Next time, I'll wear my gray sweater with the skirt and borrow Rien's cat ears to (re)create my "22" look. Hopefully I can hold out long enough to post it for my 22nd birthday (which is in 2mos)!! Then maybe I'll pose just as I'm about to jump into a pool! Haha. Gawd, I watch that video so much, it's seeped into my subconscious.
Anyway, sorry to have left you hanging the past 4 days! We just moved into our (new) house yesterday and there's no internet yet so I have to resort to using the school computers. Plus, my memory card got virus-ed. :( Good thing Kwesh uploaded these outfit shots in our Dropbox account so I have something to blog about! :P I'll show you photos of our new house once we're done fixing it up.

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  1. your getup looks so cool and chic at the same time!

  2. Farrah sometimes I wish I have a sense of style like yours! :))

    1. Aww, thanks Karla! Experiment experiment lang til you find your own style! :)

  3. Super cute outfit, that's awesome that you just got ready at the mall. My mom dresses young too but unfortunately I don't fit in her clothes, but I think that's really cool that you can share with your mom.




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