Pardon the mini-hiatus I had (again). It's not that I've been that busy but it's cause I didn't have internet access. My dad is adamant that if we want internet, my sister has to pay for it (cause she just graduated and is taking freelance projects) so until then, we're stuck with the Globe broadband tattoo stick (yes, Globe talaga. In case they want to sponsor me? *wink* haha).

Anyway, I also thought that it was so hard to top my last outfit post! It's currently my favorite one EVER in the blog. :)

So this was taken a couple of days ago (a day before my summer class ended), and aside from that day being a lucky day (I saw both my crushes hihihi *blush*), it was also quite a lazy day for me. I guess that the dull, dreary feeling I had wasn't that obvious though I cause of my brightly colored outfit.  I didn't even really want to do an outfit shot but Lorraine was quite persistent. I think I indulge her inner photographer/stylist tendencies. (Amirite Lorraine? HAHA)

Lorraine calls that my sultry expression hahaha

The inspiration for this outfit was inspired by one of my style icons, Olivia Palermo. A quick check in my Tag box reveals I actually haven't written about her! Impossible! Anyway, I was looking through photos the other night and *sigh* she and her boyfriend Johannes Huebl make the best dressed couple I know.


Even in casual wear, they manage to look so polished and clean. Olivia's look on the left photo is what I (hoped) was trying to go for, although done very differently of course. You have to factor in the fact that I don't have an expensive bag nor a German model for a boyfriend (!!!) plus the fact that it's summer here and I need to wear more color. Haha. Sooooo defensive.

A sultrier photo of me! Haha. Hope I don't scare my readers off!
Anyway, ladies, gents and beks, please turn your attention to my turquoise bag from Ichigo (that is, if you haven't!)!! Do you love it? Because I do! In fact, quite a number of people have complimented me about it. :) While I don't have a Bal, Celine or Givenchy yet, this will do. I like this bag cause I don't have a small bag and carrying big ones force me to bring a lot of things along.

Here I am, playing coy. Hahaha
 top: Terranova
bag: Ichigo
shoes: SM Parisian

So, what can you say?


BTW, I already picked a winner (well, Rafflecopter did) for my Ichigo giveaway.
Congratulations Judy Ann Doronila! :)

Don't worry though, I'll be giving away something else soon..and it'll be open internationally!


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  1. lovely bag! :)

  2. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a ray-ban giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx



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