Last Hurrah


Last Friday, my family and I went on a little trip. It was a bit shocking cause for one, we hardly ever have road trips or beach trips anywhere! My dad's kind of a mall rat whose idea of going out is eating out (which is why all of us, his children, are healthy creatures HAHA) so those are the trips I'm accustomed to. Our car also is not suited for long rides so that's also one reason we ever go past city limits. That's also why I am not an outdoorsy person. Anyway, second, my dad actually rented a van for the trip! So he really means business. Road trip kung road trip! He 'invested' in a van na eh!

First stop was Campo Agua. We've been there before but the reason we chose the place is cause my sister Felicia wanted to swim, and my sister Timmy wanted to go fishing and the place mixed both. I did both--I swam (I ACTUALLY SWAM. I NEVER swim, so that was an achievement which my sisters commented on, needless to say. BTW, I don't like swimming cause the chlorine ruins my hair. Sorry, that sounds so high maintenance. haha) and I fished. The fishies were kinda small though so we didn't really get anything.

my brother and cousins nyahaha
Around 3 pm, we went to check out the Passig Islet at Sta. Cruz. That was probably the highlight of my trip cause it was my first time there and the place was magical. I swear.

going to the boat
We had to ride a banca (what an experience, especially for my dad. Again, my sisters and I expected him not to ride it cause it was literally a banca, a rickety little thing. Good thing he was game!) to get to the islet. I thought it was worth it though because even if the place wasn't much, the views were breathtaking!

the sky was so beautiful!

Since we couldn't swim cause it was low-tide, my cuzzos and I took photos instead. Haha. The mountain/valley/plateau behind us reminded me of the view we had at Hong Kong, whilst riding the cable car. Good thing I didn't have to ride one again this time. Haha

The islet was surrounded by tires, probably for the water to not wash away the islet. All the while, I was thinking it would make for a nice set for a photo shoot a la the one at the garbage dump on ANTM.
my new fave family photo HAHA

So magical.

PS. I didn't edit the photos :-)


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  1. How fun, I think family outtings like that are so much fun especially when your with all your cousins. It looks like you had a great time and your pictures are great too! :)


    1. Yup, I had a great time. Thanks Nina :)



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