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Happy Independence Day!

Let's celebrate the anniversary of our country's freedom in a good way (cause usually we end up going to the mall during holidays, right? I'm guilty of this myself :|). So anyway, we don't have school today and I'm kind of sad about it because it was supposed to be the first washday of the school year!! Shallow reason aside (though I'm kind of glad there isn't class cause my Mondays and Wednesdays are hectic! Plus I actually don't have anything to wear yet! Summer class curbed my imagination!) and despite the fact that there isn't any wash day, that won't stop me from not posting a look. So this is the third set of the four joint outfit shot series I had with Heidi.
Based on our outfits for this set, I'd have to say our theme was blue. Now, if you haven't noticed already, I love wearing blue because it's calming and soothing to the eyes. I also think that it's a universally flattering color. There are different shades of blue that would complement each of our complexions. My personal favorites are cobalt blue (like the blazer I'm wearing) and navy blue. Navy blue is dark, like black, so it makes me look slim and at the same time, it also makes me look fairer, but it's not as severe as black.

This outfit was inspired by the aquatic trend which we "forecasted" here. I like this outfit much better though because it looks cleaner compared to my other one which was very solid colored. Perhaps it's the white pants? The cobalt blue blazer is bright so I thought it'd be a shame if I paired it with a dark bottom. I actually got inspired by a look I saw of Gisele Bundchen's (I think) in a magazine wherein she wore green skinny jeans and a white top. Well, I don't have green jeans but the green of my top was too pretty to pass up so I made my own version. And, I don't usually match my shoes and bag but I thought, just once for this outfit post! I have to say, everything looks so yummy together!
My friends were making me laugh haha
I actually wore this to my date with my friend Ayessa (so this is a re-shoot cause I loved the outfit haha). We spent 8 freaking hours at the mall! I don't know how that was possible since all I remember we did was have lunch then walk around and try make-up. Then, we ate again. HAHA. So, I don't really know how 8 hours had gone by that fast! I guess I really didn't notice it cause we spent most of the time talking. Aww I miss you already Yess (I know you are reading this, #1 fan! haha)

So anyway, on to Heidi's outfit! You already know I chose complementary colors for my blue outfit. Heidi chose primary colors again for her blue outfit. She really had everything planned out, she said she intended to go for a patriotic theme in line with today's celebration. We actually wanted a hipster shoot with the shopping cart and the parking lot but our (well, MY outfit) wasn't fit for it! So in the end,  Heidi rode the cart. All for the love of blogging. Haha. (Actually it's just her crazy friends' ideas and influence) You can read her post here.

top: Mango || blazer: Forever 21 || bag: Ichigo || shoes: Parisian Solemate || photos Mithi

Hope you liked the outfit!

Heidi and I at the parking lot
Ayessa and I during our date! :)
PS. Hello also to my classmate Mycah who said she reads my blog now out of habit! Hahaha. Thanks girl :) 

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  1. the white jeans blended all the colors in your look.. I love white, you can mix and match it with any color you want, its versatile and very classy :))

    1. I totally agree! White is so lakas-makayaman! Thanks Em :)

  2. Great outfit, it really looks very simple and clean together. The colors all mash very well and I think the white jeans was a great idea with the blue blazer and green top! :) BTW 8 hours at the mall, dang that's a long time. But i guess mall's in the Philippines are huge and when your with friends you never notice the time. :)




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