PFW Holiday 2012: The Ramp Crossings


Day 1 of Philippine Fashion Week started off with the SM Food Group presents Ms. Earth at Philippine Fashion Week as well as The Ramp Crossings.

Some of the outfits I like:

There was a lot of yellow paired with flowy sheer pieces. There were other sorbet colors  as well such as light blue and muted oranges, as well as a lot of prints. There was paisley (in several brights such as green, blue, yellow, orange) and zebra print, as well as feathered skirts for texture. For menswear, there were checkered prints and printed bottoms. There was also some peplum and mullet skirts, so hemlines were generally on the long side. And there were also structured pieces mixed in with loose ones.


  1. I witnessed that show Ms. Farrah :) The little kids who walked the runway was REALLY CUTE!!!

  2. I was surprised when a girl kid walked!! Haha. Very awesome fashion show!

    1. you were there also? (i wasnt by the way! haha) lucky you!!! :'(

    2. Yep i was there!!! I also have invites for a few other shows but i couldn't make it. There's bench also the one with rajo laurel in it, i wannaaaa go so bad but i can't! :(

    3. Sayang! I was invited to Bench but I wasnt able to go! It looked so nice!!!



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