Style Inspiration: Gillian Zinser


I first saw her on the show 90210. She had a huge  grade school crush on Liam, it was so cute.
Later on though, I noticed her surfer Cali-girl watchamacallit fashion sense. She carries it so well!
She really plays the part well, with her beach hair, fedoras, loose tees, ripped jean shorts and tribal prints!

While looking for photos of her outfits from the show, I saw this shoot she did for a magazine.
I just love the carefree and colorful vibe it exudes. I want to style for a shoot like this!

Inspiration for the first of May. *sigh*


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Gillian Zinser's style. I watched 90210 just to check out their outfits, other than paying attention to the story. :))

  2. I so love her Farrah! Geeeezz.. Her style is amazing and really suits her! ;)



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