Went out with my little sister Feebee yesterday cause we were bored. We were gonna try having our nails done at Nail Bar but first, we ate at Keepsakes in MTS. (More on our Nail Bar experience in the coming post!)

Was craving for their baked spaghetti, which was really affordable at 65php. The serving was big for 65php! :) My sister ordered nachos for 60php but it kind of tasted like plastic and the dip tasted more like milk than cheese. But I loved the place! Everything's so cutesy, from the plates, to the containers and the design. It's also a crafter's heaven! They also have crafting supplies for sale, presented in really cute containers. :)

Visit Keepsakes, Matina Town Square, Davao City :)


  1. waaaa you were able to take photos of the cupcakes :( i asked permission, but they told me i can't since their selling it :(

    "Everything's so cutesy, from the plates, to the containers and the design." << i agree :)

    1. actually, stolen din yan. they reprimanded me when they saw me taking the photo. :( Diba they should've been flattered? Free advertising! :)

  2. Wow! Nice place.. I like crafts.. =) I've seen that place but I haven't try it yet..



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