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Some vintage ads I saw in a Yahoo! article back when women wanted to get fat. It's amazing to note that these were from some 50-60 years ago, and now society is worshiping the opposite end of the rainbow. Don't get me wrong, that by posting this, I am saying MY body type is the best. It's not; I do go to the gym to lose some weight. But let me tell you, I used to think it was so unfair that us plus sized girls were looked down upon and for a time, I was angry/envious of skinny people cause it seemed that they had it so easy. These views changed when I learned more about body types and how everything works. I think the body which we have now is just a mixture of things we can control (like eating and discipline during exercise) vs things we can't (like genetics).

So, I can't exactly hate skinny people for being born skinny BUT I can hate (probably too strong a word) chide myself for not working hard enough or not eating right. Work on the things you CAN change. And it's not about body types. It's about being healthy and happy in the skin you're in!


  1. I checked out similar vintage ads before and was supposed to blog about them as well... And then never got to work on it. :))

  2. I love seeing old articles. They look so much better than nowdays and it's really intresting to learn about what was life back then.




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