I went to Manila because I was able to book a cheap flight when Cebu Pacific went on sale. Anyway, one day, my baby Raei chatted me up on Facebook and asked if I'd be able to attend her debut. Miraculously, it fell on the same weekend as the flight I booked. I was soooo happy! I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Here are some photos from the party of my friends and I: 

Macey  and I. 
Macey owns the camera used to take all the photos, and she also took my outfit shot up there! I love Mashinda cause she never runs out of kwento. Perfect for the listener that I am. chos. Visit her blog here guys :)
Shane and I. 

Shane's my KEM "niece" and KEM's resident Beyonce :))
Gah, I love this girl to bits! She's uniquely Shane and I can't help but laugh when I read her Facebook posts because I imagine her saying it in my head! I see she's inherited my last-minute-cheap-yet-awesome-find skills cause she told me the dress she got was last minute! She looks fab though! <3

me, Macey, Nyka and Shane.
Don't we make a fashionable bunch? Very Sex and the City, right? Shane or I would probably be Carrie/Samantha, while Nyka would definitely be Charlotte and Macey would be Miranda. Haha :)

thank you, my dear photog! Why, we look absolutely smashing here! *British accent*
(smashing=thinner than we really are)

Lastly, this is my KEM co-apps. Batch 10B. We finally, finally FINALLY have a complete photo. <3
This moment, captured forever. :)

Outfit deets:
*dress from Dorothy Perkins
*shoes borrowed from my cousin Aliana :)

Happy birthday again, baby Raei!! 
photos by Macey



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