On Wenesdays, We Wear Pink


I wish I could saw off my muffin top
skirt: Forever 21
shoes and bag: Tomato
top: Topshop 

Here's what I wore to school last Wednesday.

If you guys have seen Mean Girls (I have, obsessively. My ex-roomie Heidi and I used to recite Mean Girls lines ALL.THE.TIME), this is one of their more quotable quotes. So, with my recent acquisition of 2 very neon and very pink stuff (and wash day being a Wednesday), I thought it was fitting to wear something reminiscent of Mean Girls.

My mother thought it was a bit wild of me to wear such an eye-catching skirt to school so I dressed it down with a plain black top. Don't you just love how the pink shoes and black top meet in the middle and exploded in the frenzy that is my skirt? Anyway, for plus-sized girls like me, don't be afraid to wear eye-catching, curve-hugging clothing like I did. I mean, if we'd get stuck in this body, might as well dress the way we want to! (Though I might go back to boring old Farrah next week. =)) )

Happy Friday the 13th!
(I am probably in class right now, if our teacher shows up! So thank God for scheduled posts again!!)

 I can't believe the week went by so fast!!
Enjoy your weekend loves! :)

PS. I hope I get to watch Magic Mike tomorrow! :)) Channing and Alex Pettyfer yum yum yum!!


  1. That skirt is AMAZING! <3 I LOVE Mean Girls, I'm obsessed with it, too :P
    Mina, new post on my blog. Like my page on Facebook :)

  2. Two of my orgmates and I were reciting lines from Mean Girls yesterday and I kept thinking about you! :)

    Btw, cute skirt, wooms!


    1. aww. :"> (I KNOW RIGHT??? *Regina voice*) thanks woman!

  3. I want that skirt! You definitely pulled off this look. You look fab! Rawr!

    1. You're so sweet. Thank you so much, Mel! :)



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