Animal Instinct


bag: OASAP
shoes: Tomato

Sorry for the low quality photos. My sister and I had to resort to taking photos of our outfits at night since we were stuck home the whole day. IF and IF I become a *big* blogger one day, I will probably cringe at these photos but for now, this will do. =)) This is what I wore to mass and dinner with my family. I wore this top to the airport for my Manila trip but didn't have anyone to take my photo for me at the airport so today marks this top's blog debut. :))

As usual I am wearing my walang kupas (aka favorite) pair of shoes from Tomato. I am also wearing no accessories, but my bag from OASAP saved the day. I super love it! Quoting Camille Co, lakas makayaman, even though it's not branded (Speaking of which, I owe you guys my bag lust list. Coming soon since believe it or not, I have blog backlog already!). It's too big for the mall though it is a perfect school bag--it can fit a netbook and my drafting supplies =)

So, what have you been up to today? 
No class for me tomorrow so I can finally, finally, FINUH-LLY watch The Dark Knight Rises.

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