Wednesday Wishlist: Birthday Edition!



Wishlist by farrahgarcia featuring a shimmer eyeshadow

Hi guys!

So, my birthday is coming up in 12 days and I will be... Forever 21. Here are some of the things I am wishing for:

1) A surprise something.
My cousins surprised me on my 18th birthday but I haven't tried being surprised by my friends. I just remembered Valentine's Day in Ateneo with the gimmicks like the flowers, signs, cakes and shiz and as much as it pains my pride to admit it, I want that. :( Though I guess I have to keep dreaming cause it's not like I'd even have someone to lunch with on my birthday. (Sorry I sound so negative, but I'm being real here) Friends, call me on my birthday at 12nn-1pm while I'm having lunch, just so I don't feel alone please :(

1. a) letters from my friends in Manila would also be nice, although I'm not counting on it cause I know they are busy.
(letters nalang cause I always give them that!!)

2) Bags.
My "dream bag" used to be a Mulberry Alexa but now I am lusting over Proenza Schouler's PS1, available in beautiful and bright colors. le sigh

3) Spiked shoes.
I have been eyeing them since forever!! They have it in Heur Sheen, Romwe, OASAP, etc!

4) Gift checks or money
('nuff said)
Cheyser, I am counting on the gift checkS, as you promised birthday buddy! =))

5) Books.
Some books I want are still here, but the list includes Perks of Being a Wallflower, Can I have your number (Sophie Kinsella), Chicken Soup books (except the first ed, teens and college cause I have those) and Gossip Girl books. Any chic lit book actually--light and fluffy, like cotton candy! :)

6) Quintessential iPhone/camera/laptop
though I doubt this will happen.

7) make-up brushes and make-up

8) Accessories
Hint: I'm a huge necklace girl!
I want those that are timeless yet make a statement and can be worn everyday; something that would last long and wouldn't tarnish easily.

Brands I am eyeing: Love Diva, Island Girl

So there! :)
Lemme just say, it was quite hard to think of stuff to ask!!


  1. Great wishlist, I hope you get what you want :P
    Mina, from THE STYLE FEVER BLOG - New outfit post, CLICK HERE :)



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