I'm Glad You Came


top: Uniqlo
blazer: Forever 21
skirt: H&M (from Allan)
heels: OASAP

I think this is my first "blogger" outfits ever. By "blogger outfit" I mean something a notch higher than my usual everyday wear (with the heels, blazer and clothing item with the trendy print). I probably got subconsciously influenced by Manila style the day I was there. I am usually a reaaaalllly simple dresser, as you guys know. :)

So here I am wearing some of the stuff I got in Manila. The skirt's from my friend Allan (I picked it out and he got it for me haha! thanks LD!) and I bought the blazer at Forever 21. Sadly, it wasn't on sale but awesome how it fits me well. :)

The title is somehow related to how I feel right now (It's a song which I kept hearing at the bars we went to, so it's stuck in my head). I guess going on the trip back to my home for 3 years refreshed me on the things I missed and did not miss about Manila (like traffic, lines, academic stress?) as well as established something for me--that even if I feel alone in Davao (and don't have much friends in school), I know I'll always have friends back there who I can run to and count on. The friendship doesn't stop despite the distance.

I love you, guys! :)


  1. You've gotten thinner! But you're pretty either way <3 I LOVE THE LOOK!

    1. have I? I wish!!! Hahaha. Either way, thanks Inah! :)

  2. Oh Far! As always, you are looking great. That blue blazer looks fab on you!



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