The Sisterhood


One of the movies that is showing here in the Philippines now is entitled "Four Sisters and a Wedding". It's about 4 sisters and their youngest (and only) brother who is getting married. I feel like somehow, the story was based on OUR family because I have 3 sisters and 1 youngest brother as well! Intrigued, my mom, sisters, cousins and I watched the movie.
We both cried and laughed at the movie because we could relate! I, as the eldest, could relate to always trying to live up to impossible standards I (myself) put upon myself. I am also proud at times; I am the last to admit to myself that I've failed. And shamelessly, as the eldest, I have to say that I'm also very much attention-seeking. Well, what can you expect, if you've been doted on for so long? Haha hay nako

I have to say though, the eldest sister in the movie was also easily the most fashionable (although I liked the second sister's posh chic wardrobe) so *cough cough* LOL. But anyway, I feel like I just had to relate one sister sibling-hood to another. You know the movie, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants? Well, we at Davao Fashion Bloggers had our own version--The Sisterhood of the Travelling Jacket!

The jacket is Pat's and Dawn detailed the story in her latest blog entry but currently, it is with me since Pat and I go to the same school. Since Dawn and Rien have worn it in their blog posts, I decided to try the jacket on and *poof*, it fits me! So I made that the basis of what I chose to wear last Wednesday. I didn't wear the skirt to school of course, because it's too short! So I really brought it in my bag specifically for outfit shot purposes.

top: American Eagle || jacket: Pat's || bag and skirt: H&M || oxfords: Feebee's || photos: Lorraine

BTW, here are photos (and proof!) of us wearing the jacket:
POSTS: Pat || Rien || Me || Dawn

If this were the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants though, I'd probably be Carmen since I'm the biggest and I was shocked that the jacket fit me. Dawn would probably be Lena since she is away from Kostas (or Billy), her biggest love. Pat would probably be Tibby because to me, she's very much indie and Rien would probably be Bridget cause she's tall and lean and looks sporty (Are you sporty, Ri? haha) You guys, if you read this, you can correct me if I'm wrong! haha

Even though I have my own 3 sisters at home, I'm especially lucky to have met these girls who share the same love of fashion as me. I'm glad we all support each other, even going so far as taking photos in the rain and bending over in a skirt just to take outfit shots! Honestly, I really feel like each of our styles has evolved thanks to us being together all the time. If I compare my old look posts to now, I'd say the ones now are a lot better because aside from the camera used (hihi thanks guys), I also learn from them and get pressured to look good, even if we just you know, goof off most of the time. I'm SO excited that we'd be hosting our show together soon! (By the way, please like FashionBlog TV on Facebook to get invites and updates for our launch in August!)
 Kwesh, if you're reading this, we miss you! And girls, let's send the jacket to Kwesh too! haha

Hope you liked this set! xx

PS. Persunmall giveaway still ongoing!


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  1. love it! love you Far! so happy i've got a friend in you! hahaha

    and yup, i'm somewhat indie. hihi love this post :)

    1. <3 thanks Pat! I'm glad I met you too <3 i love all of us :)

  2. Yes I'm Bridget! Absolutely love Blake Lively! I am kinda sporty? Hahahaha. I'm so happy to have met you all as well. Hashtag getting senti haha! Love you Farrah xx

    1. Well I think you're Bridget cause you're tall and lithe! Haha hashtag clingy tayo. >:D<

  3. Hi fari ferrari.. na miss kita. ang ganda ng mga blog mo.. natutuwa ako everytime i see it. :) binabasa ko lahat ng blog posts mo.. pero nahihiya akong mag comment.. hahaha.

    anyway.. gusto ko din sana manood ng 4 sisters.. pero wala akong kasama.. na miss ko na kayo nila mithi.. haha

    1. Hi Jane, thanks for reading my posts. :"> Comment ka lang uy! Si Heidi nga! :) Miss mo na ako no? Yii parang napaka-emo nitong comment mo: "na miss ko na kayo nila mithi.. haha" Nagsenti senti ka kagabi no kasi birthday mo? Anyway, happy birthday Jane! I miss you too :)



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