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To be honest, before Taylor Swift released her album "Red", I wasn't much of a fan of her Style (uhhh TSwift fans, do you get it? Haha ohkaaaay), but after [probably] dating Conor Kennedy whose great-aunt Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is said to be Taylor's style icon, Taylor upped her ante in the fashion department. I especially loved all her outfits in her "22" music video. For me, her style's a mixture of classic, grown up pieces but sometimes she goes for younger hipster-y pieces too. Plus, she's so pretty, tall and slender that she can pull anything off.
She's one of my style icons right now because we're about the same age. Since my style tends to lean toward a more classic sensibility, I try to inject some fun colors and prints into my outfits so people won't think I'm too old. I mean, I think quite mature for my age already--that doesn't have to spill over to the style department, doesn't it?
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one of my absolute favorite outfits of hers
from her Red album
the three outfits above are perfect collegiate look
I also love her style during awards seasons but I've noticed that she's been going for a more grown-up look this time. She goes for straight hair over her country curls. She still prefers gowns in red, white or gold but in more daring styles instead of princess-y ball gowns like the one she wore to the Grammy's.
For me, this suit was the signal that she really "grew up" fashion-wise. This is something Carrie Bradshaw would wear!

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