Grunge Glam


This is what I wore to the day of my actual birthday last Friday. In my last post, I've written in detail how I've spent the day (you can refer to that if you wanna know haha), This is what I wore to lunch with my family and to the Bauhaus event afterwards. To me, Bauhaus gives off a sort of rock/grunge vibe and that's what I had in mind while picking out the outfit.

As usual, my outfit was another last minute choice. I was planning to wear my white H&M polo (and skip the event altogether) but it just didn't feel right and I didn't want to be an anti-social loser who wouldn't even get to see her friends on her birthday, so that wasn't an option. I actually was too lazy to think of what to wear and I thought of wearing that '22' outfit again but when I remembered Pat would be there, I had this inspired idea to incorporate her denim jacket so I'd finally be able to return it to her (it's been with me, Rien and Dawn since April by the way). This is what I came up with in the end. The skirt lent the glamorous touch while the denim jacket added the punch of grunge and toned it down so it wouldn't look too glam.

It's funny how when I stare at my closet, I think "Okay I think I must've paired everything with EVERYTHING already" but I surprise myself sometimes by actually coming up with something decent--something I'd never thought to pair. This amazes me because one, I'm able to produce something a good look from what I thought were hopeless cases which two, means I have at least an ounce of creativity. Not to mention serious math (as I try to create more permutations and combinations from my existing clothing pile) and economic skills (as I try to work around a limited budget yet be able to create so many looks from one piece of clothing). Haha

Anyway, I shall make this post shorter than usual as I have to attend to some responsibilities (wow what an adult word. RESPONSIBILITIES) Though I have to comment, responsibilities are definitely inevitable as you grow up. I admittedly can be one of the laziest persons you'll know and I try to shirk away from responsibilities as much as I can because I don't like being held accountable for people other than myself. (What can I say? I hate being wrong) But I realized that people wouldn't give me these responsibilities if they didn't think I was capable of doing a good job at it. At the same time, if I want to succeed and call an achievement my own, I should literally grab the opportunity because not always are they handed to me on a silver platter. But I still am careful now though. If I think I can't commit fully to a project, then I won't accept it. It'd be unfair and unprofessional of me to just keep getting and getting work and not give my all at it. Plus when people would commend you for doing a good job at it even though you know you didn't? That'd be so weird (or that's just my high standards speaking again? Yes? No?). I still have this thing called integrity to live up to as well.

jacket: Pat's (worn here too) || skirt: Cotton On || scarf: mom's || shoes: SM Parisian || photos: Dawn
Anyway I said I'll say goodbye but I've left you with a mouthful/eyeful/earful. HAHA

Hope you liked this post!


PS. I'm glad I wore the scarf. It rained the whole day. Rain = more blessings for the coming year! :)


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  1. Love the scarf. I think that's an easy way to dress up any outfit :*

    Would you like to follow each other's blogs?

    XO, Michi

  2. Lovely scarf! matchy2x with your denim and whole outfit.. =)

    Btw I'm inviting you to join my ongoing giveaway.. -xoxo-



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