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Where do all the clothes that nobody wants go? 

It's something I've wondered about (especially since I have an Environmental Engineering subject this semester) so I decided to Google it. I was quite shocked to find out what happens. Some are recycled and re-styled. Some are donated. Some are sent to developing countries like ours to try to be sold here. You'd be shocked to know that A LOT are thrown away. Some companies even go as far as shredding the clothes so people cannot benefit from them. It's a tad depressing for the engineer/ecologist in me to imagine all those clothes gone to waste, especially when there are a lot of people who have nothing to wear. You can read the article here.

So anyway, what is the connection of my intro to my outfit? Well, it's because I wore something I got from the ukay-ukay (thrift shop). Yep, my blue polo came from the thrift shop! :) Ayessa and I went thrifting before she left and she's really good at it cause the 2 pieces I bought were her picks that were too big on her. Haha. (Another woman's trash is another's treasure!)

 It's a good thing (for me) in so many ways because for one, I was able to save it from *horrors* being thrown away or shredded and secondly, I've been looking for the perfect slimming casual blue polo in the longest time! And I found it at the thrift shop of all places! Just my luck, this polo was meant to be mine! :)

This is what I'd probably wear to a Sunday morning brunch. You know, imagine those rich preppy kids, that was my peg. I would've worn white shorts but sadly I don't have a pair yet so I made do with white pants.

top: thrifted || bag: Ichigo || shoes: SM Parisian Solemate || photos: Dawn 
Anyway, in honor of my thrifted polo and maximizing clothes to be used to their full potential, I've come up with 3 looks (including this one) using the polo. To make it a tad more challenging, I had a theme in mind: Gossip Girl. (I know it's quite easy, especially for a Gossip Girl fan like me but still, baby steps) :)
Hope you'll like the other outfits I'm gonna come up with!

By the way, I am holding another giveaway in time for my birthday month! Hope you guys would join!! :)


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