This month (my BIRTHDAY MONTH *yaaaay*) is probably one of the busiest yet best months of my 2013. I'd just gotten back from my 3-day retreat yesterday and I woke up to a busy day. Awhile ago, I had a shoot for FBTV. And actually, I just got back from my cousin's surprise debut party. I had to leave earlier cause tomorrow, I'll have my talk at NCCC and then on Monday, exam week starts. How about that for a busy birthday month? I'm extremely thankful though, especially since YOU guys helped me reach 100,000 page views!!  I don't know exactly when or how that happened (or who was the 100,000th hit) but thank you. I never imagined maintaining a blog that's reached 100,000 views! So even though it's late, I just had to blog. :) #blessed
I've come back from the retreat with a lot of fresh perspectives in life. I've learned that a lot of my bad choices were based on what I wanted but in return, the most difficult choices I've made are those that have benefited me the most. God always knows best, I know that now. Along with that, it was reiterated to me that I should always be humble. And I can really confirm and affirm that, especially now when so much is entrusted to me. Oh, and guys you should watch The Ultimate Gift. It's a movie--you'll learn so much.

 Anyway, on to the fashion. This is what I wore last week to De Channel's launching at Abreeza. This is one of the outfits I've had on my what-to-wear-in-case-I-can't-think-of-anything-to list (or actually, my outfit shot list), where I write down outfit combinations I try on, like and need to have shot. My dad and mom were in the vicinity while the event was happening. My dad was being a stage dad again and while they were eating, he was waiting for me to walk down the catwalk. And my brother kept repeating "chemistry of style", which was a line from the video teaser. Oh the men in my life. It's cute though that they're pretty supportive :)

So before I go, I have quite a funny/awkward story. My sister told me that she was checking my blog out awhile ago during her programming team tryouts. Then her guy classmate looked over her shoulder and said "oh, I read that!!" Well, I don't know how to feel. Safest to say, I'm flattered. Haha but thank you, Felicia's classmate for reading. You know who you are (if you're reading this). :P

blazer: Gaisano Mall || top: Forever 21 || skirt: H&M (Timmy's) || shoes: Parisian

Davaoeno readers, hope to see you tomorrow at NCCC Matina for my talk. Remember, 2:30pm!! :)
And you can still join my giveaway here. It ends on Monday :)



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  1. Pretty outfit, Farrah! :) and oh, I think I contributed a lot to your 100,000+ page views! Haha. Congrats!

    1. Thank you ate Sar! Hope I entertained you haha :)



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