Stylish Saturdays: Jamie Chung


One of the people I now look to for inspiration when dressing up is Jamie Chung. I stumbled upon her looks on Pinterest and initially thought she was my favorite girl on "The Bling Ring"--you know the Asian girl who was the leader of their gang? I later found out the girl I was referring to was a newbie actress called Katie Zhang and that she's about 10 years younger than Jamie Chung, who is--would you believe it--32 years old already!

Aside from the fact that she's very lucky to have such a lithe physique, she has some amazing Asian genes to thank as well (haven't you noticed that Asians generally age very well and look younger than their Western counterparts?)

I love her very ladylike style--she's always in pencil skirts, and maybe a slip dress for lazy days--but it's always made more youthful because she always chooses to wear these pieces with some fun prints. I think it's very appropriate for someone in her early 30's.

Jamie Chung is on social media. You can check her blog on


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