Thrown Together


like a tourist

top: H&M
skirt: Forever 21
shoes: SM Parisian
bag: OASAP

While trying out clothes for the Forever 21 launch the night before, in exasperation for having "nothing to wear", this was one of the outfits I hastily put together. I wanted to wear it with heeled ankle boots for a very Jenny Humphrey kind of look, but I thought it was too cliche so I scrapped that idea. In the end, I didn't wear it to the show. You already know that cause you saw my outfit here (and just imagine me with the heavy eyeliner! LOL). So instead, I wore it to my Saturday class.

It was a good thing I had something pre-picked because I woke up at 9:30, and my class was at 10am (hence the title, Thrown Together)! I didn't put shampoo so my hair was really nice that morning (I was literally a bedhead). It was afternoon when these photos were taken so my hair was starting to get gross and oily. :(

Anyway, I delayed posting this because I wanted to write something substantial. While I sort out my thoughts though, let me share you this quote I got from Fr. Caluag's column on Inquirer last Sunday. I was feeling a bit down and insecure and I just chanced upon his column. It was a godsend. :)
"The humble and joyful acceptance of who one is that leads to freedom"

These photos were taken using my old digicam. It's such a disappointment and such a difference compared to the DSLR quality photos Hannah took. Man, it makes me wish I could have a personal photog with me everyday! :)



  1. Love your outfit. It is a great ensemble :)

    I am a Davao fashion blogger as well. Definitely following you. Would you mind following each other?:)



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