You've heard me speak and sing (via 2 video blogs I made), here is something new that I want to try. I did this last Saturday when I was on a break from the Internet and my cellphone. I literally hibernated--stayed indoors the whole day, curled up with my laptop. I managed to finish 4 e-books this weekend! :P

Anyway, I decided to write about dreams because aside from secrets, what would you put in your journal aside from your biggest dreams? Well, these dreams of mine are those that have probably reached its expiration date (most feasible is still the study abroad one) so I have no qualms about sharing them. It's just kind of sad that I let these dreams go to make way for new ones. Although it's good to keep dreaming, I can't help but think what my life would have been like by now had I been a one-track mind kind of person and pursued these with rigor. Oh well. #overthinkingalert

Tell me what you think! haha

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