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Hello! :)

How is everyone? It's been SOOOO long! I've been out since 9am; I came from a day trip with my friends. We went to Eden Nature Park, had lunch there and went trekking. Afterwards, we went to SM for a bit then decided to get massages. Finally, we ended up having dinner at Lachi's. Super tiring day, and my wallet's (almost) empty but it's all good. I missed this kind of outing--what with everyone studying in Manila and us having conflicting schedules. I rarely go out, and if I do, I usually go alone, with my sister or my family. I forgot how much energy my friends have!

Anyway, I wore this last Friday to lunch and grocery with my family and I was supposed to wear this to Gail's birthday salubong that night too (too goody-goody an outfit for the drinking part though, ya think?), but I ended up not being able to go because the power was off--for 6 hours!! It started at 6 and came back 12mn. It was really dark on our street and I couldn't get a cab so I didn't get to go :(

Other than today and yesterday when I went to church, I was home since Friday so I don't have much to talk about. Basically, my weekend in a breath consisted of a brownout, a Grey's Anatomy marathon, me fixing our old DVD player (I put it in my room so yay, I can watch DVDs from my bed like a sick person LOL) and my sister and I spending our Saturday night listening to all of Taylor Swift's albums. Oh yeah, I also started re-reading my self-help book Big Girls Don't Whine by Jan Silvious.


blazer: Gaisano Department Store
top: Mango
pants and shoes: SM

That book really helped me a lot through my trying times last year. One of the reasons why I left UP was because I felt like I wasn't myself anymore--I wasn't the old Farrah that my family and I knew and liked. Manila changed me in some ways, both good and bad. When I was studying in Manila, I learned to be more independent, accept myself more and be more confident about myself. However, I also learned to be more materialistic (like in the Kim Chiu show) and it took a lot more than it used to to make me happy--it was like I was never contented.

I was also easily frustrated, especially with grades and with budgeting my finances. When I read my planners from the years past and see how fast my atm balance gets depleted, I still find myself getting stressed out! Anyway, from the book, I realized that the way I was acting out was what author called Little Girl actions. When Little Girls didn't like what was going on around them, they would go for the easy way out. She also goes on to describe other Little Girl characteristics (which when I read the first time, hit home really hard!), but I won't enumerate them already cause it'd be too long. Basically, just think about a child and imagine how they are and how they would react to things.

It's taken (and is taking) a LOT of effort and thought to consciously react a way a Big Girl would react; I still find myself reacting in Little Girl ways sometimes, that's why I reread the book every now and then. Still, the author mentioned that if you were aware of your mistakes and if you were willing to change, it's a good step to being a Big Girl. :)

I think the book got stuck in my head that's why I subconsciously thought of an outfit that made me look quite grown up but at the same time, evoke a young and fresh vibe with the bright colors.


Hope you liked it!


  1. Love your blazer . gusto ko ng blue na gnyan :) plssss

  2. Lets go out kasi teh! hahaha :))



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