My Life in TV Shows


 I've been measuring my sem break in terms of TV shows:

Tuesday-Gossip Girl and 90210
Thursday-X-Factor USA
Friday-Pretty Little Liars, X-Factor and The Vampire Diaries
(Glee also, but it's on hiatus)

Don't be surprised if these shows are the highlights of my week. Anyway, I watched Gossip Girl last night and I was really disappointed. The fashion is not as outrageous as it used to be and the story line sucks. For the fashion, I get that Blair and Serena are more grown up and have cultivated a more grown up taste (hence the need for clothes that are understated but scream expensive). I'm not really against that, but the reason I watch Gossip Girl is for the fashion. I want to see outfits so outrageous that only actresses could pull it off. To sum it up, I want to see the fantasy of my clothes. They should make the fashion better, especially now that the story line is poor. Is Gossip Girl making us easy to say goodbye? Considering this is the last season (and with only 7 more episodes), they should do the best job that they can about it (like One Tree Hill).

Anyway, end fan rant. This was the only dress that caught my eye in last night's episode. This is also where I realized the need for the lipstick to match the dress. I can imagine the horror had she worn say, an orange or red lippie. HAHA

Aside from Emily/Amanda's shocking cleavage-baring dress, this red blazer of Ashley on Revenge was also one of the fashion highlights of my week. I love the all-white ensemble made more business-like with the red blazer. The red blazer was not just any red blazer. It had a cut-out at the back which was an amazing surprise! Little details like that make an ordinary article of clothing amazing. I just don't like her character in Revenge though. She has ZERO sexual chemistry with Daniel, don't you think? =))

Anyway, just a short post to make up for my lack of posts. I'm having a bit of writer's block lately. :(
I try to write only if I could post something substantial. However, my lack of posts alarm me and has come to my attention (my friend told me she secretly reads my blog and why don't I have new posts! #pressure and #pleasure --it feels awesome that someone actually looks forward to your random ramblings). If you have any ideas of what I could write about, please don't hesitate to comment. Thank you huhu :'(


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  1. Awesome outfits! I love the ret blazer:)



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