Modern Filipina


top: People are People
bag: Tomato
shoes: SM Parisian
necklace: StyledUP

This is what I wore to lunch today with my sister. I had a gift check to Cafe France and wanted to treat my mom. However, the mother in her couldn't bear leaving the other children home so all of my siblings came and she insisted that I treat my sister instead as she took my rowdier siblings to eat somewhere else. We ate at Cafe France at The Peak, Gaisano Mall. I really loved the ambiance. With the huge windows and the chill music, it felt as if we were in a cruise ship. My sister and I even started calling each other "Emily" and "Victoria" after the characters on Revenge because of the Hamptons-esque feel.

I wore my white pants (I recently bought a pair because I think they easily give off this rich vibe) with this top my mother gave me as a belated birthday gift. When I got back from Manila, I found it in my closet. I was surprised cause my mom doesn't usually buy me clothes. I guess she really must've missed me those 4 days I was away ;)

This outfit reminds me of the outfits Angel Locsin wears in her Modess commercials, but I didn't want to name my outfit post "Modess" so I went for their latest ad campaign: the Modern Filipina. To you, what is a Modern Filipina? To me, it's someone who still upholds the virtues of the Filipina but is empowered. My friends Mithi, Heidi and I are really into women empowerment. But do you think there's such thing as "too empowered"? My mother once told me "you are too empowered" and I couldn't help but think about it. What does being too empowered mean? Does it mean that I don't need a man in my life? Because I totally do. Who would carry my shopping bags or change my light bulbs? (haha. I'm kidding) Does it mean something bad, or is it good but in a bad way? Does that mean I'm too outspoken?

Seriously though, sometimes I feel a tad misunderstood. I am independent and I love it, but not fiercely so that I am too good for anyone's help--I still do need help. Everyone does. Do tell me your thoughts about this "too empowered" statement. I would appreciate some help sorting out my thoughts. 



  1. I just read this! Haha. (I am such a lame friend. Why oh why.)

    Empowered women end up being misunderstood. I know I have been. And it has sometimes reached the point wherein I no longer understand myself. Like, I pride myself in not needing a man, but then get jealous of people who are in happy and steady relationships.

    I'm as confused as you with this one. :))

    1. I was just looking at people kanina sa jeep and thinking, I'm happy naman but why when I see people in love, I feel kulang? But I thought din na there are better things to be than an old maid. Like, I can be an old maid but fab naman haha



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