What to do when you get the chicken pox?


It's only been 5 days since I was ordered by the school doctor to quarantine myself--but it feels as if a month had passed! Fortunately, my extended mini-vacation is almost over cause the pox are drying up (huzzah!!) and then the reality of catching up on everything I missed will soon overwhelm me. So what have I been doing?

1) surfing the net
2) avoiding mirrors
3) reading--blogs and books (I've been reading a book a day!)
4) catching up on series
5) reading up on chicken pox--obsessively
6) work stuff
(been drafting letters nonstop while Cheys and Aidx had their Canon talk :( )
7) sleeping
8) online window shopping -- www.zalora.com.ph!
9) looking through my high school yearbook
10) looked through my planner from a year ago
(my, how this illness brought out the nostalgia in me)
11) thinking--too much of it actually! :(
12) pill popping
(before you think something bad, I've been popping Vitamin C cause it supposedly helps speed up the healing)
13) pining
14) whining
15) crying
...to anyone who would listen.. which would be nobody. =(
16) keeping balance
(There have been 2 earthquakes since I got sick, no joke. Good thing the other was just a tremor I think, but still, pray for the Philippines)
17) texting
(though I haven't felt much like it)
18) I watched the Ateneo-La Salle game
19) praying/begging 
and finally
20) realizing that maybe, just maybe, God wants me to slow down for a minute and lean on Him.
I am always so independent, controlling, self-sufficient and maybe He just wanted me to let go and lean on Him. :( I feel so bad that I sometimes forget Him during my "powerful" moments and turn to Him only at my weakest.

On another note:
Some things I do "excessively" but haven't done much while I was sick:
1) eating--I can now live on one meal a day: lunch 
2) tweeting


  1. waaaahhh! nangyari talaga :(


  2. Anu po tnake mo med? And for scars? :)

    1. I didnt take any medicine kaya nagsilabasan na lahat! Tapos I scratched the pox kaya nagkascars. I dont know any scar lightening cream but my friend nagpa-peel daw para sa scars sa face. Ask your derma nalang :))



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