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I've always wanted to do a n items, n outfits segment on my blog. Actually, I was supposed to create a wishlist first but then I noticed that I could actually pair all these items up and create multiple outfits from just 5 pieces. So, here are the items which I got from ZALORA:

Outfit 1: Something simple
6 + 1

Perfect for a casual day at the park or mall :)

Outfit 2: Smart Casual


Perfect for a report in school

Outfit 3: Sassy Smart Casual

Outfit 2 + 4

You can wear this for a creative presentation, or for a day at the office that isn't too strict about dress codes

Outfit 4: Trendy student

3+ 5

The neon + tribal print keeps things youthful. Tuck the blouse in for a polished look. Perfect for trendy students. =)

Outfit 5: Peplum


Peplum is so in right now. Wear it as it is! :)

Outfit 6: Sassy peplum

Jazz up the peplum dress with a printed blazer!

Outfit 7: tribal peplum


Tuck in the top of the peplum dress and wear it as a skirt. Tuck the tribal top into the peplum skirt.

Outfit 8: Mixed Prints
4 + 5 + 1

Can't quite imagine the output? This outfit would work because they are from the same color palette!

There! We've just created outfits that would last for more than a week! I can also think of a lot more and I'm sure you can think of more combinations as well. (1+4+6 and 4+6+3 are some I forgot to put in :) ) Do you think I should have more posts like this? Drop me a comment, alright? :)

Shop these items at zalora.com.ph and use my discount code (TheStyleReactor120) to get an additional 5% off on your purchases! :)

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