Boyfriend Jeans


top: H&M
cardigan: Candy at Robinson's Dept
bag: Tomato
shoes: Parisian

A week after my chicken pox debacle, I finally showed my face to school. I've been away for 4 MWF meetings! I can't believe I missed that much! Naturally, I have more to catch up on. I took my drawing exam awhile ago (*cross fingers that I get a good score on it*), and I did an extemporaneous speech awhile ago for History. I also have 4 plates to pass, and possibly, 2 exams per day tomorrow and Friday, and a PE exam on Saturday. Whew! Good thing I came from UP; I've gotten the best training on balancing a full plate! :)

My face still has some scars, and so does my body so I decided to cover up. I also felt a bit lazy (How can I not? 6 days spent at home!) My jeans were also *ahem* a bit loose on me. Obviously so that even my sister commented on it. I remembered Katie Holmes' infamous boyfriend jeans and that's where I got inspiration for my look. I spruced it up with a red cardigan to appear from looking too drab and plain (to get a similar cardigan as mine, shop this cardigan from Charlie at ZALORA! 5% off using my code: TheStyleReactor120) I liked the overall effect--lazy but put-together. :)

Watcha think? :)

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