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photos from Cheyser and Gail's Instagram

Me not blogging for a week was spent very unproductively (just the way I like it)--I read 4 chick lit e-books and one actual book while trying to stay on top of school work. Plus, my sister took the camera with her on her 5-day trip to Iligan for a contest (she won, btw so yaaay!). I must admit, I really was getting guilty for not updating my blog. I don't want to get into the habit of not blogging, but I was really uninspired the past week. I don't want to churn out useless entries so I lay low for a bit, tried to get inspiration. I mean, I really appreciate everyone taking time to visit my site, so why waste your visit with half-hearted entries right? I feel that this is Step One to pouring myself wholly into this blog. :)

Last Sunday, McDonald's invited me and my fellow Bloggers from the South to Cheyser's blow-out for her readers! We had a dandy time. We played 2 parlor games (So funny cause everyone was dressed up!) and had giveaways like a children's party! And after, we had cheeseburger, spaghetti, fries and sundae! 

McDo really is the ultimate barkada place. I remember talking with my friends there during high school, staying up late there during brainstorming sessions (2nd year ChE 26/106 days), waiting for the sun to rise there with my friends (can anybody say after-party tambayan?) and bonding over McDonald's with my roommate Heidi (we were such pigs then. I think it was the perfect place for Cheyser's bonding time with her readers. It was also the perfect venue for us to catch up. If our wacky photos up there aren't enough evidence of how long we haven't seen each other, then I don't know what else to say! :)) Props to Steph who is always best in attendance--she came straight from duty. Last time she went out, she came from her review class.

The photos remind me of The It Girls "Call Me Maybe" screen shots. How I (and my fellow bloggers would agree too, I bet) wish we could be rich, gorgeous and perfect too! Still, despite that, I think that irregardless of our difference in finances, looks and states in life, both our groups and our friendships are based on the same things. :) 

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