I know I should feel a little bit more something for you. Afterall, I cried for you. I had sleepless nights for you... and not just me. Marami kami. I wanted to get rid of you so bad so I could focus on myself. You were so toxic. You took me away from my family and friends. You took me away from me. There were lots of times I knew we could've ended, but I was stupid and kept holding on. I kept waiting, cause I knew you would change. I knew you could still be better, pero hanggang dun ka nalang pala, and so you left. I thought I would be happy now that you're gone from my life.

I felt relieved. I thought, "wow, I can finally get back to living my life".

I don't understand why after seeing you, I felt..a little sad. A little empty. I thought I'd be happy cause we could both move on. But wala. I felt nothing. It's gonna be so hard to get used to being without you. Matagal-tagal din naman yung pinagsamahan natin. But maybe I'm just sad for the (lost) time. Maybe I never really loved you.. but I sure did learn from you.

with some of my groupmates

 Finally, some real time #hugot blogging! Just had our Feasibility Study (or thesis/plant design) bound today! It's so weird seeing what you slaved on come to life. It's so weird that I won't be poring over my laptop for it anymore because it's done. I really thought I'd be happy but all I feel is..nothing. (Baka bangag pa cause I stayed up late to finish editing it)


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