Bistro Ah-lyoh


The Thursday food group is back with a vengeance!

After exhausting the restaurants on our list of places to try, we found another place to try. Hidden in Juna Subdivision, Bistro Ah-lyoh is a charming restaurant that's perfect for an intimate get-together with friends or dates (date agad?!) wherein you just want to talk in a quiet place.

Like Cake Gallerie which is also in Juna (I haven't posted about that yet--oops!), Bistro Ah-lyoh is like a restaurant that's an extension of a house. The outside looked like a charming cottage, but to the side, there was a glass window where you could see a table with bar stools, perfect for that "I'm-drinking-coffee-kunwari" Instagram shot. (Note: I think it gets bright in the day so the best time to take that shot is "magic hour" or some time between 4-5pm. You're welcome. Hahaha. PS. I didn't get my own shot yet cause I was wearing my uniform that day Hahaha some more)

The place is small and relatively new, so the menu is pretty limited too. (I didn't get to take a photo of it!) They offer buy 1 take 1 pizza for 299php, but one of the flavor has to be classic cheese. We ordered the Buffalo chicken pizza (the one with lettuce). I have to say, the pizza's really worth it! I'm used to pizzas (especially thin crust pizzas) with only a little toppings, but man, they piled it on here! I'm not a huge fan of spicy food nor do I have a huge tolerance for it, so I found the pizza spicy. The lettuce on it really balanced the whole thing out. I just didn't get why there was mayonnaise/dressing on it, which was okay except it was piled on a little too much for my taste. Overall though, the pizza was good.

I also ordered Aglio Olio (Php 90), which was okay. For 90php, that was a lot of pasta than I'm normally used to getting at other places. Plus, I think they cooked the pasta on the spot cause my order took the longest to arrive! It was marked as one of their best-sellers/most recommended, but I thought it needed a bit more garlic or chili flakes to taste. BTW, the pizza was so filling, I could've gone without buying pasta. (#carboload that night)

My friends and I ordered the bestsellers. March ordered the fish salpicao (Php135) which was sooo good and flavorful. Maimai ordered the beef tender bits (Php170), which were really tender that they melt in your mouth! The servings were also generous for the price. My friends couldn't finish their orders, so I had to help them. ("had to" hahahahaha this is the reason why I got full easily and could have gone without ordering the pasta) By the way, they also serve coffee. 

"artsy" pizza shot

(Sorry for the low-res photos. I just used my phone)

Gonna bring my friends here again. :)

Visit Bistro-Ahlyoh 
121 Talisay Street, Juna Subdivision, Davao City

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