The 7-list: Things people should experience doing on their own


I realize Valentine's Day was yesterday but as I was going through my drafts, I found this blog post from a year ago that I didn't get to write. So anyway, if you've been as single as long as I have, sometimes you just get so used to having yourself as company, especially when your friends already make plans with their SOs or when you get lazy to plan something (especially when you get lazy to plan an outing haha. I mean, I just want to show up and not worry about logistics)

Some people may think it's sad but I see it as a good thing. After spending so much time with yourself, you get to know yourself more. And, you can also be selfish--selfish with what you want to do during your free time and how long. That being said, it surprises me sometimes when people I know confess that they have never done any of the things on this list because they're scared. It's fun kaya! I highly encourage you to try doing just one thing on this list. It's not as scary as it sounds, I promise! 

1) Watch a movie alone

Watching a movie alone is not scary! It's dark in the movie house so no one will see you! And if you're worried about rapists or what not, in all the time I've been going to movies alone, there have been no encounters of scary predator types. But as a precaution, I advise you to pick a seat near the aisle, or if it can't be avoided, near a family or a group of girls. If a scary guy sits next to you, switch seats or tell the movie house personnel. Simple.

Watching a movie alone can be fun, especially when you're the only one who wants to watch the movie you're inviting your friends to, or if you cannot wait for them to free up their schedules. (Sometimes din kasi people promise they'll watch a movie with you then they'd end up watching with someone else or not watching at all. FML) Also if you watch a movie alone, you'd get to cry without judgment. :P

And please don't watch a movie alone for the purpose of stalking your ex. That's just plain creepy.

2) Eat out alone

Table for one? This is also not as scary as it sounds! But if you're so conscious about it, I suggest you bring a book, magazine or something to read. Also, find a restaurant that's far from where you & your friends usually hang out, or if you really wanna eat at your usual place, go at a weird time. Like, if lunch is from 12-1pm, and dinner is at 6pm-onwards, try going between 2pm-5pm. That's usually the quietest time of day as well.

One benefit of eating alone is that there's no one to judge you or food shame you! Haha. Besides, I think eating alone makes one seem confident. I mean, in a social country like the Philippines, one does not see that often. It doesn't have to be sad; it can be a production as well. Why not dress up and eat somewhere fancy? Treat yourself!

3) Go to the gym alone

One of my pet peeves in the gym are those girls that go around in groups, convene at one of the machines, take turns and giggle, look around for boys. I'm peeved not because they're obviously just there for the boys, but because they take too damn long! When people go to the gym, they try to get their workout done as fast as possible then leave. If you're dead serious about working out, going alone is the best way to go. I know it's more fun to workout in pairs or in a group, but sometimes (like I mentioned previously), you just can't afford to wait for others. When are you gonna start, when they're ready? What if you're not ready then? You're really gonna delay that workout another day again? Besides I noticed that when your friends see you start, they're gonna start too. Stop waiting for the others, just go ahead!

If you're concerned with what others think, let me tell you this. People are too busy working out to ever think about you, judge you or laugh at you so don't worry. If it bothers you so much, put earphones on to give off that "don't bother me" vibe.

4) Party/drink alone

We always see this in American TV shows: a woman in a bar, nursing a drink or a woman at home in her PJs with a wine bottle. I haven't tried this but only because I still live with my family (so even if I try to drink alone, there would always be a chance that my sisters will be there to share the alcohol with) and come from a city where everyone knows everyone. But I'm definitely open to trying this if and when I get to go to a new place. I would love to try to make friends with some totally random group of people.

5) Shop alone

I don't see how people can get any serious shopping done with others, I swear. Shopping is best done alone. Girls, do not bring your freakin' boyfriend especially when Forever 21 is on sale! I swear, if I got a dollar for every bored, aimlessly wandering dad, brother or boyfriend I see at an F21 sale, I would be able to take home a shopping bag of clothes without opening my wallet.

When you bring someone shopping and you take too long, four things can happen. One, said person waiting understands. Two, person waits and you get pressured so you don't enjoy and you resent the person. Or three, person waits, you take too long and person gets annoyed and you both do not have a good time afterward. Or four, the last scenario but the person waiting walks away. If you're a girl on a shopping mission (aka sale), having someone around can slow you down. It's okay if you're strolling and stop by to look at stuff so you can get the person's opinion, but if you're on a mission, it's best to do it yourself.

6) Live alone

Living alone can be one of the best and worst times in your adult life but it should definitely be experienced. It's great because you'll have freedom--to decorate the way you please, to eat what you want, to go out and come home as you please, to not wear pants. But it comes with responsibilities too. You have to take care of your own laundry, the groceries & cooking, the cleaning up and taking care of the bills. You can learn so much about adult life by living alone.

7) Travel alone

Save the best for last. This is my ultimate goal: to travel alone. Other than party alone, this is something I haven't done alone yet. Of all the things on the list, this seems the most daunting to me, especially if you're going to a place where no one can understand you or help you! But I'm more than excited to get lost soon (and hopefully find myself too! Haha charot)

I promised myself that I have to go to Europe solo before I get married (if ever God decides to give me a mate for life anyway). If not, more money for travelling then! ;)

Any solo travelling tips you can give me? Was the eating out alone tips helpful? What did you think about the list? Can you add anything? Would love to hear what you think!! Please drop me a comment! :)

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