A lot of people I know are shoe-a-holics, but I'm more of a bag-aholic! I have a lot of red bags, although in all the wrong sizes! Most of them are too small to use in school. So anyway, I looked in Polyvore and here are some of the bags that caught my eye.

Top Row (L-R) Chloe Paraty Medium, Alexander McQueen Samurai embroidered clutch, Red Mulberry Alexa

Second Row (L-R) Marc Jacobs bag, ASOS leather portfolio, Balenciaga

Third Row (L-R) Proenza Schouler PS1, McQueen studded knuckle box clutch, Marc Jacobs Natasha clutch

Okay, if you've noticed, I still put in red bags! The Mulberry Alexa--gah! I am in love with that bag! I think that's Clara's bag in Mara Clara, except in Pink. The Proenza Schouler PS1 is also a must-have, if you want satchels!

 I am also in love with the McQueen clutches! They are just so different, so edgy! My favorite though is the one with the Union Jack and skull, but I couldn't find it on Polyvore. I want a leather portfolio as well! It looks so chic, paired with a striped top, jeans and heels!

So anyway, I don't have any of these bags yet. Low priced, high priced, it doesn't really matter as long as it's of good quality. :)

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