Trendspotting: Beanie Babies


They are all the rage right now!

Justin Timberlake has been wearing them before the end of time. Love the way he mixes things up with those glasses and plaid polo.

Ex-lovers Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens also wear the ubiquitous accessory. I love V's look. Her cascading curls lend a hippie vibe, which goes with her laidback style. Zac looks hot, as always. Look at those biceps! (I'm biased!)
BTW, I heard they got back together?

Robert Pattinson, rocking the trend. I haven't been a fan of RPattz lately but I have to admit, he looks hot here!

Jake loves blondes.. and chicks in beanies. Jake Gyllenhaal's exes, Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift. Now who wore it better? 

I love Taylor and everything but I'd have to go with Reese. Also paired with Jake, Reese looked better! Too bad Reese is engaged now. :(

Seems like Jake himself is a fan of this trend. I'm imagining how cute he and Reese would look wearing their outfits together!

Told my friend Mithi she probably started it all!
This photo was taken March 2010, we were at the airport about to go home.

What would you wear your beanie with?


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