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That's a picture of me, covering my nose. My nose is huge, I feel insecure about it!
Anyway, enough about my nose.

This week was relatively stress-free. 
After Wednesday, I was able to relax. I headed over to the nail salon right after class to get a mani-pedi. I chose this purple shade from the Face Shop. I have been thinking about that shade of polish ever since I tried it out. I was supposed to buy it but I decided otherwise. 2011=better spending habits! Anyway, I also chose this because it was my grandfather's birthday that day and his favorite ice cream flavor was (is) Ube. He's in the States now; I wonder if he still gets to enjoy his favorite ice cream flavor.

Today, I got summoned to do the make-up for our batch's Ms. ChE, which is a pageant for ChE week. It's the first time we'll ever be holding that. I hope that next year, I'll be our batch's representative! hahahaha. I told my friend Heidi that that was my new motivation to lose weight. I love that woman! She's like a mother hen! Anyway, I didn't have to do a lot with regards to putting make up on our Ms ChE (mostly, eye shadow changes. haha) but I did enjoy wielding the make up brush like a pro, and helping direct the shoot a bit. :)

I headed to Trinoma afterwards to withdraw, but I ENDED UP SPENDING ALL MY MONEY. I bought a bag in Tomato--my first huge BLACK bag which I have needed for school the longest time! Anyway, there was also a hot pink one as well as a sort of greenish-gray. I swear, I am coming back for them! Before I left, I passed by the MAC counter and I was instantly drawn to the eyeliner. Other than blush, I think it's the best way to brighten up your face or call attention. Luckily, the make-up artist/saleslady (but I'd much prefer to call her make-up artist because she's legally one! yep, I asked her!) was really nice. She made me sit in the make up chair and applied liner and blush on my face. I felt like a model, at least for a little while. :)

It re-piqued my interest to go to make-up school!
So, that's how I got that photo.

PS. Good thing I covered my nose, cause I am also conscious about my upper lip. I have yet to have it waxed! Also my eyebrows, I have yet to have them fixed. Then maybe I can wear contacts. People in Chem Eng'g are contacts-crazed right now! I don't know why. My friends have been bugging me to go about it too. We'll see. I still am conscious over my nose! :|

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