Stylish Saturdays: Rachel Bilson


No one evokes this more than RACHEL BILSON.

Rachel Bilson, who became a household name because of her role
as the sassy Summer Roberts on The OC, is my style icon.

She is usually photographed out and about town in jeans, a nice jacket, a lovely bag, and flats. She occasionally wears scarves and is almost always not without her sunnies (to hide her from the paparazzi, of course! :) )

If you've noticed, she seldom has anything printed. If there was any, it would be the scarf, skirt or printed dresses.

She isn't really a fan of accessories, prefering maybe earrings or a nice bag, but my favorite accessories of hers were her gorgeous ex-boyfriends Adam Brody and Hayden Christensen! Too bad she isn't with any of 
them anymore. :(

Even though she is dressed so simply, I  think what makes Rachel Bilson keep landing on all the best dressed lists is her attitude. She has this inner spunkiness, sunshine and confidence emanating from within. Other than that, it's the effortlessness of what she's wearing--she always looks comfortable!

Being in college and having to run around campus all day, I favor jeans over shorts and skirts because I need to be in something comfortable! I wear flats a lot, and like Rachel Bilson, I tend not to go for anything with too much print because I usually think that people remember your clothes more if they are printed.

The best thing about her (our?) style is that you can look at her photos and NOT know that it was taken in 2007 or what, when this trend was in, which makes her photos look NOT dated. Quoting Mean Girls, "She's always fierce, she always wins Spring Fling Queen (well in the OC anyway!)"

*photos from Tumblr. I don't know the exact sources

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