The Future Looks Bright


Last Monday, my fellow bloggers and I from the Davao Fashion Bloggers group gave a talk and mini-styling session for the kids taking the South Spot workshop. The talk was for 12-16 year olds so I thought it was best to make youthful my usual basic neutral outfits by injecting color. Besides, summer is the perfect time to wear color and lots of it!

top: Terranova
skirt: Forever 21
blazer: from my grandma
shoes: Feebee's (Privileged at Robinson's Dept Store)
photos by Pat

 I got this top at Terranova about a week ago and since my sister teases me a lot about only having a wardrobe of navy blue, I forced myself to get the orange one. This is actually my first orange top because I don't think orange looks good on my skin, but this one looks almost salmon so it seems okay. I wore it with my pink leopard print Forever 21 skirt. The skirt is pretty noticeable so I rarely wear it. For this outfit, I wore the skirt backwards to improvise since I don't have a plain neon skirt. I thought neon colors plus the loud leopard print would be too much especially for the day (and school). 

Do you like it? 
I thought the effect was a bit slimming cause the skirt and top have almost the same hue so it looks monochromatic.This is one of the cases my outfit reflects exactly how I feel. I've been in really high spirits lately that I don't care if people stare at me or if they could see me from a mile away! (It's ironic though; my lips are so pale! :| )
If you've read my last post, you'd know I've been trying to adapt a more positive approach to life and so far it's been bringing nothing but good things! I don't know if it's because of this that I appreciate everything now or because of this that I somehow attract the universe to work in my favor. Either way, it's both scary and exciting because it seems so surreal to entrust something this HUGE to us. I'm sure you're quite confused as to what I'm blabbing about but details for that story will come in time. I'll tell you this much though, my fellow bloggers and I were given a proposal that was very hard to resist! As if that wasn't enough, we woke up to some pretty amazing news this morning--the proposal just got BIGGER!
I really can't wait to share it all with you soon!!! It's taken a looooot of willpower not to blab about it to anyone! I'm going for the full dramatic effect once I'm sure of everything! ;)

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  1. Replies
    1. HAHA binaliktad lang yung leopard ko :) WOW MAKACOMMENT AGAD-AGAD! thanks supportive bestie :)

  2. Your outfit looks great, I really like the color combination of the coral with the pink. The way you turned your skirt around is pretty cool in styling it in a different way. I am happy to hear that positive things are happening to you and I cant wait to hear your great news! :)




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