FIDA Grad Show: Inclinations


Last Sunday, I had the privilege of attending FIDA's first graduation fashion show at SM Lanang Premier. My friends Kyrie Banos and Wilson Limon were among those who showcased their collection.

But before the graduates showed off their collection, the undergraduates showed off their all-white creations. Some of my favorites were Gladys Buenacosa's and Nicole Calope's. My ultimate favorite though was Ron Santos's. The tailoring was so good, and I loved the styling and cobweb detail at the back.

Anyway on to the collections.

 Emile Buenbrazo 

I loved the safari/oriental inspired collection.

Next was Kristine Dy's Midnite. I thought it was kind of like a sexyfied pilgrim fashion. A very modern Wednesday Addams ang peg, I think.

Dianne Corpuz

I loved her simple collection so much, especially the first photo (the one of a jumpsuit). I immediately thought of a Pantene commercial though when I saw the clothes and model's looks. Gold and white is so Pantene, don't you think? Either way, I loved that the designer went for simple looks that flatter women's bodies. Like I always say, it takes so much restraint to produce a pared down collection.

Kyrie Banos

I have to say, Kyrie really knows how to steal the scene. I can so say that her collection shows her personality through and through with the fun dresses, wild music and wigs.

Wilson Limon

Photos from Kenneth Hao, Pat Bacaltos, Yuell Lisondra, John Gorre and the FIDA Facebook page

Wilson's collection was probably the piece de resistance. His art deco-inspired collection showcased his architectural background. I was especially awed by the last two dresses whose amazing detail reminded me of a Cary Santiago creation. 

So there you have it! With these new graduates, Davao's future in fashion looks bright, don't you think? :)


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  1. That looks like so much fun. Those are some great designs, I really like the last one with all the art deco details in the dress. But yeah the white and gold outfits make me think of pantene too! :)




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