Labels and Breaking Out of Them


I like surprising people. I like being someone they don't expect.

For example, when people know me first as Blogger Farrah, they get shocked to find I'm taking up Engineering. Then when people first know me as Engineering Farrah, they try to figure out how fashion fits into the equation (Math pun intended).
cute stolen shot
I wonder sometimes what people think of me. I'm sure everyone wonders about that too sometimes. I also feel that there's also a part of us that wants to both please and defy what they think of us all at the same time. 

Labels (and labeling) can be a double edged sword. It's a boon because it's our brain's way of easily compartmentalizing information but it can be a bane when it's you people label--and when you think they labeled you wrong. "But they don't even fully know me!", you say.

It can be bad but yes, it can also be good. At least when they get to know the real you, you'd be able to surprise them! I cannot tell you how many times people have told me "you're nice pala" or "you're jologs pala". The important thing I guess is not to live up to your label (especially when it's a negative one); just continue being yourself and to hell what other people think! 

Anyway, on the fashion front, I wore this to school last Tuesday. Both my classrooms are chilly, hence the light sweater. I've always wanted to wear the hat with the gray sweater so good thing I was able to get an outfit shot out of this. You might see this outfit on my next post because that same day, I attended a make-up workshop at Rien's house.

I was telling Lorraine I had to go cause Kwesh was there already then boom! I caught her still taking photos of me. :P
top: Forever 21
bag: H&M c/o Mia
flats: SM Parisian
hat: Parfois
necklace: Love Diva
photos: Lorraine
Again, sorry for the lack of updates! This week has been so hectic that instead of not being able to blog in the past for the lack of content, I now have so much content (10 entries and counting!) to write but I don't have the time. Gonna make it up (mehehe another pun intended cause you know, I'm gonna be writing about the make-up workshop... okay nevermind) to you though with 2 posts today!


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  1. I can totally relate when I went to school in the Philippines everyone used to think I was suplada, but when they got to know me I proved them wrong. But yeah it can be good and bad but you just can't let it affect you. But yeah your outfit is super cute, i really like the hat with everything. I think it really makes the outfit! :)




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