On Graduation and Overstaying


In a few days time (and in a month for my UP friends), my friends will be graduating from college. This, plus knowing I have a couple more years to go before my own graduation gives me mixed feelings. First of all, naturally, I'm happy for them. Congratulations you guys!! However, it made me think "Where did the years go?" I remember entering college in 2008 thinking March 2013 would be MY endgame. Back then, I was so idealistic and confident I would finish in time. How naive of me not to know the ChE mortality rate!! Haha

I remember thinking "Wow, March 2013 is a looooong way to go from here". It was May then, college hadn't even started and I was on my way home from enrollment. I vividly remember the sun setting on University Avenue, a welcome of some sorts, thinking that hopefully someday in 2013, I'd be back to look at the sunflower-lined path of Univ Ave to herald my own graduation. Now, March 2013 is among us and I'm here in Davao! As much as I'd like to be graduating and as much as I'd like to be graduating from UP, circumstances dictated otherwise and I'd rather not go against what God had planned for me. I'm just gonna make the most of what's here for me (I wouldn't even be blogging had I not gone home!). Besides, I'm content here too. :)

Anyway, I read a newspaper article over the weekend and it mentioned that perhaps a reason for students like me overstaying in college is that we are simply stuck in our comfort zone. On some level, I do agree. Though I want to jumpstart my career (aka I want to be able to afford and pay for all my luxuries), I have several reasons why I'd rather forego that, at least for now.

The most shallow is that I cannot imagine myself. I don't know what I want to do in life exactly (Will I apply what I learned in ChE? Will I pursue a career related to finance or business? Or will I go the route people expect me to after completing ChE--fashion?) It feels weird saying it out loud but I don't have a concrete goal to work for yet. I envy my friends who have their life already planned ahead of them--pre-med, go to med school, be a cardiothoracic surgeon, etc, while I will be 22 and I have no idea of what exactly it is I want to do yet. Maybe I'll be one of those people who discovers what exactly it is they want after trying out so many things. I don't know.

Second, I see work the way I see marriage: it does not need to be rushed. From the day you leave school til you're 60 or 65, you'll be working. Work is what we'd be doing for the rest of our lives. Work isn't like college where you could come in at different times depending on your schedule. I sure as hell don't want to be sitting unhappily in work, waiting for the clock to strike 5pm daily then groan in the morning cause I have to wake up at an ungodly hour to be on time for work. I want to wake up everyday excited for work, which of course brings us back to my first reason. 

Besides, there are a lot of things I have yet to learn.

I know people say that school will never prepare you enough for what the real world has to offer, and that the best lessons are to be learnt outside the classroom but I guess I just really am not ready for reality.
blurry but I like it
Anyway, on the fashion front, this was just an outfit I put together during that "shoot" Mithi and I did at MTS. I brought a bag of clothes and mixed and just mixed and matched. I've worn the white top and leopard skirt here but see, with a little imagination and a few wardrobe essentials, I created an entirely different look--one for the office. I wonder if I could pull this off at an interview though. I mean, it has potential--it's smart but there's personality in there! :)

What do you think about finishing college? Are you excited to get it over with or are you overstaying your welcome like I am? Tell me! :P

PS. I actually have exams + a paper to cram for tom. So funny how I'm chattier and have more thoughts to post when I'm supposedly busy.
PPS. Mia renewed our domains for THREE YEARS!! I told her, "Are you crazy? I don't know if I'd still be blogging then!" I just hope 3 years from now, I'll have graduated and passed the board. ;)


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  1. I'll be overstaying in ChE too! :D It's great that you wrote about this. It's the first time I've seen someone write about this because 'overstayers' like us usually just keep quiet about it until they graduate.

    I remember my mom telling me that in 10 or 20 years from now, those extra years in college won't matter. Let's just enjoy the extra time we have in college! :D

    1. CALEE!! I know you read my blog but I'm so happy to have gotten a comment from you now! Talaga? Overstaying dahil sa what subj? HAHA PM nalang =))

      And I never thought about us overstayers "keeping quiet". Ako naman kasi, tanggap ko so better make light of it! Aww I'm so happy talaga to have heard from you :">

  2. HAHA YES. IM CRAZY. And the domains were on sale!

  3. Like the outfit so bonggels ang chita!

  4. hahahaha i'm overstaying too! thank God I did. these were exact sentiments even until april 2012 (time i was SUPPOSED TO graduate). if it hadn't been for that extra year, baka ganun pa din ako til now :)

    go farrah! just do what makes you happy :)

  5. First of all I love the outfit, you look great. I recently read an article that was saying the average undergraduate degree is now taking people 6 years rather than 4. I don't see anything wrong with it; as long as you eventually finish. I also think a lot of people hit a point towards the end of their degree of not really being sure of what to do-I know I did, and so I decided to pursue a masters, lol. And I am now back at the point again since I have completed all my course work.

    1. HAHA Hey Cheriz! Thanks for ALL your comments :) That's right, you know what they say.. If you don't know what to do, study again! Haha

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