From Hell (Week) and Back


This skirt is my gauge for how much I weigh. If I feel like I look huge in it, I gained weight. If I look and feel good in it, my butt isn't the size of Jupiter.

Love this photo! It looks like twas taken at a summer festival! :)
hat: Parfois

Last Friday at about 2pm, I submitted my Filipino paper (the very same one I've been b*tching about for a few posts now), my last requirement for the sem so as of Friday, I was officially free!! Or not quite. Actually, I just got home from school for the last activity of the semester--a play for our Literature class. I was just one of the behind-the-scenes people though so nothing major there.

Anyway, sorry again for the week without posts!! It was hell exam week, which I'm sure you all can identify with. I wasn't supposed to be stressed because I planned everything out but at the last minute (last Monday), when I was about to print my Filipino paper, I found out my file got corrupted. I anticipated these "technical difficulties" since it has happened to me so I emailed myself copies of the files after I edited them but the last copy I had that wasn't ALSO corrupted was from around March 10 so it was so bare! To make a long story short, I had to re-type a paper I worked on for a month in a day and a half (found out the deadline was actually Friday. phew!) That's not counting my mega combo 4 exam day last Wednesday (8 am-9pm)!
I'm so thankful that with God's grace I was able to survive the week. I really prayed for strength especially for Wednesday (as it felt like such a long day). I'm thankful I came out of that ordeal sane and sans tears, drama and thoughts of maybe this isn't for me blah blah, which most of my friends (especially the juniors) are experiencing now. Being older and more "experienced", I guess I'm used (or I'm probably immune) to it. Someday my friends, you'll realize there are bigger problems than being on time or graduating with Latin Honors, honestly.

 I know others have experienced (and are currently experiencing) worse hell weeks than my hell week this semester, so for those who are, some tips from your resident college "veteran":

1) The time to do the work is NOW.
(like the song we used to sing at Pisay haha)
Honestly (and this isn't to sound arrogant), I find it weird that I feel chill during times when people are so stressed out. Prioritize, don't procrastinate. I'm not saying I don't procrastinate but make sure the time you spend studying > time you spend on Facebook and other frivolous activities. This advice is so cliche, but trust me. Time management is key.

BTW, I feel like if I hadn't checked and readied my paper for printing last Monday, I would've died cramming to submit it on Friday!!

2) Keep calm, your work won't do itself.
If you aren't able to do #1 and all your work piles up, don't spend all your time b*tching out on all your social networking sites. Your work won't do itself. Start with the easiest, working on to the hardest so you can cross a few tasks off your list. Though it's tempting to do everything at the same time, try not to. Focus on one task at a time. When working on the hard parts, take time because haphazard work translates to consuming more time working on it later on.

3) The take's over, the break's over.
There is nothing wrong with taking a breather, especially of you deserve it. Our brains need to decompress! Take a walk out, take a 10-20 minute nap, eat a snack. Try not to watch an episode of your favorite series or go online!! Both are black holes, guaranteed to suck you in to the point of no return!! Seriously though, it's hard to go offline or stop watching a show once you've started.
Last Thursday, I didn't have an exam so I worked on my paper for 7 straight hours (9 am-4 pm). It felt gross to have been in front of the computer for 7 hours so I went out for an hour to do some errands. By then, I'd finished most of the paper and all I had to work on was the format and bibliography. Easy peasy =)

4) Get some sleep!
If you cannot absorb any more information, go to sleep!
Most of the time, I feel like a lazy bum for going to sleep by 10-11pm (12 mn max!) but the result is, I get to absorb information in my classes faster and easier. It's important because it's in class that the teachers stress the important points, unlike having to skip class and relying on self-study where you have to read EVERYTHING in the book. And for times when I have homework and cannot answer it because I'm drowsy, I find that when I wake up in the morning I can analyze the problems better.
There have also been studies linking more sleep to better work and school performance. If you think you're doing your academic life good by staying up all night studying, it's actually better if you got some shut eye.
I'm not saying these tips are guaranteed to work on everyone though; these are tips I find effective for me. Everyone learns at different paces and styles, and there are different circumstances why classroom learning isn't for everyone. Perhaps they find it better to self-study, maybe the teacher just sucks, or maybe others get the lesson faster than the others, so you can never tell. Still, I hope you found these tips helpful though!

Anyway a photo from my guilt-free, "I deserve this" pamper Saturday.
I had my nails done with Lorraine, got a massage with Emman and Juna and then had dinner and coffee with Dawn, Kwesh and Ella. Then we went to Starr to meet up with Eden who was in town. I also met up with Mithi and Gelo at Starr. :) 
This was from Coffee Cat with Kwesh, Ella and Dawn before we went to Starr with Eden.
 photo c/o Dawn


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  1. Farrah! It was really, really, really good to finally meet you! and dawn and kwesh! had such a blast with our kwentuhan and all. hit me up please when you come to cebu!:)


    1. Hi Eden! I had a blast too!!! Super bonding talaga over our mutual like and dislike of the same things ah! HAHA sure, will do! :)



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