Hello March!

Just welcoming the last month of school with a realllllly old outfit post, the last one I've saved in my drafts. I haven't been taking photos of my outfits to school for the past two weeks cause I felt too lazy to care or dress up but I hope that's about to change soon. Or at least I hope I have time to take outfit shots soon. I did a little shopping so I have at least more stuff to overuse and blog about. HAHA

Anyway, I think this was taken the first Wednesday back from CDO. Mia gave me this H&M hobo bag and I wanted to use it right away! It was love at first sight! I've been looking for the perfect brown hobo bag and there it was! Thank you loverrr :)

I bet you're wondering why the title is fearless when I look so timid in my photos. I just wanted to share my happiness cause I had a great start to March! I just woke up and did my thing and later on in the day I just felt... high. Sorry for the negative connotation but I don't know how to describe it. I just felt like I could do anything! I feel like anything's possible and I don't care if I fail or not because right now I feel so limitless! It's a great feeling to have, especially for someone like me who's so at home in the safety of her comfort zone. I think the stress is getting me crazy. HAHA

How was your Saturday? I'm having a great one so far!

First, today's our last PE day! So that means no more Saturday class for me!

Second, as I was walking to the compound where we hold PE class, I passed by a cute guy from school and he smiled at me. I even looked behind me to see who he was smiling at and it was me pala. Kilig naman lola mo! hahaha kbye

top: Uniqlo
bag: H&M from Mia
pants: Forever 21
shoes: Shoebox
photos taken by Lorraine's iPhone

Anyway, off to do my paperS!

PS. Thank you for the almost 80,000 views and counting! :)


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  1. :)) I think i have the same pants from f21! (and my mom, too!) wala lang. i love the color!

    1. thanks for the comment and for dropping by nyka-betch! haha :))



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