shoes: Privileged at Robinson's Dept Store (Feebee's)
bag: Feebee's
blazer: from my grandmother

I've always wanted to see what I'd look like in a blazer, band tee and shorts combo. I've always thought the combination was fool-proof outfit for concerts or parties. I don't have band tees though because I'm not really the kind of person who buys things with logos or markings that are easily identifiable. Anyway, I wore this to a lunch date with Mithi (she took my photos BTW! Thanks woman!) yesterday. We were supposed to try out Sea Green (a healthy food place) but it was closed. We went to La Bodeguita after but they didn't have a chef so we ended up at Spirale. Haha. It was reaaallly hot day yesterday, thus the shorts! I also wore my ratty old tee (which I usually wear to the gym only) because it's breezy. I just put the blazer on to make everything looked polished. Mithi and I planned to go to the Marco Polo party after (so this would've been the perfect day-to-night ensemble yes?) but decided at the last minute not to because we were so tired! Not to worry though, we are going to get our #ArawngDabaw on tonight! HAHA

Anyway, sorry for the mini-hiatus! It was the last week of class and next week's exam week so I haven't had the chance to take photos of anything. Mit and I had a mini-shoot yesterday though so I'd have something to post in the next few days. Also, thank you for dropping by my blog. My daily pageviews tell me that you guys still drop by so it isn't it as if I ever left. >:)<

Happy Araw ng Dabaw, Davaoenos!


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