Happy December 1st!


Merry Christmas!

Somehow I cannot believe it's December 1st already (and that it's soon about to end). I guess I am getting older and busier to notice how the days pass by. I'm sorry I was not productive in terms of blog entries for November (I just had 6, can you believe it?) but thank you all the same for still dropping by my blog. :) I'm sure with all the upcoming events, I'll have lots to blog about!

So what happened today was I looked for an outfit for the WAGW event next week. There were sales everywhere! Forever 21 had a double markdown sale but it was disappointing--only few items were on sale. I have yet to visit my other shopping spots and the DavCon bazaar tomorrow. After a short nap, my brother, dad, sister and I watched Rise of the Guardians. As I'm typing this entry (and looking for photos of snow), what an apt movie it is for today and the season! It was really funny and there were some heartwarming moments in there. I felt guilty because I realized how jaded and negative I can be. I wish I could have (or at least keep) that childlike wonder and innocence again.

For now, some pictures to get me (us) into the Christmas mood. Sorry for all the snow pictures. I'm so fascinated by it. One day, I do hope that dream my friends and I have of having a White Christmas comes true.

Beautiful shot of New York City in winter

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Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center

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  1. We will have our White Christmas, love. We most certainly will. :)



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