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Tis the season for gift giving but I think that it'd do the world a whole lot of good if we gave gifts that give--gifts that help our environment, promote a cause or give livelihood to the underprivileged. Here I've compiled a few of my favorites: 

Beach Bomb / 50ml


Ever since the Leyende event (and ever since I discovered their products), I've grown to like this cologne a lot (I also like their Mother Butter Cocoa lotion, which you can also buy here). It smells so fresh and it smells better the longer it is out! BTW, I am running out of perfume too, so *hint, hint* ;)

You can buy this at Zalora (5% off with TheStyleReactor120), Green Options at Gaisano Mall (for Davaoenos) or through

Vanilla Wonderland


According to the Human Nature website, they are PRO-PHILIPPINES, PRO-POOR, PRO-ENVIRONMENT so Human Nature products are also always good gift ideas. They have gift sets like these (I chose this cause I like Vanilla but there are others of course..or you can make your own) and other gifts too like notebooks.

Purchase through :)


Also from Zalora (although I haven't tried it yet) is Vanilla & Co. I like lotion and body cream like I don't live in a tropical country, plus this probably smells divine (what with it being chocolate). This also comes in a gift pack of 2 different flavors in smaller jars so you can try both out.

Island Girl Tangled Necklace
Shop at

I saw this on Cheyser and ever since, I've loved it! This is an old design though so I wasn't able to get one. :( I love Island Girl's designs and their philosophy. Their products are proudly Philippine-made and 80% derived from natural materials.

Body Whitening Cream image 1

Body Whitening Cream

I also love Aromacology (dami kong love!). Their cold wax is my fave. It's easy to use (just bond paper to remove the wax) and it lightens your skin afterward. However, on my last visit, the owner recommended the Body Whitening Cream, especially for my chicken pox scars. I have yet to try it though, but all their products, I believe in. =)

Shop at NCCC Mall or visit their Multiply.

Why not give someone their own Noche Buena celebration? For Php 1000, you can feed 2 families this Noche Buena! (Sign up here) Or better yet, go for a long-term commitment. For 600php a month, you can send a child to school (Sign up here). I think this is the perfect gift to give to someone who has EVERYTHING. My friends and I sponsor a child and though it can get hard sometimes, it's worth it. :)

Hope I helped with the gift choosing!
Merry Christmas!

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